We Are Lightworkers

We were Lightworkers before there was a name for it. It is why we are here. It is no mistake that we are alive at this time, in the Age of Aquarius.

We Are Lightworkers

Each of us has one or more gifts. They become skills, in addition to gifts, when we learn how to use them.

Just because a person is gifted, does not mean they should practice as a professional Advisor. Ethics must be established, responsibility employed, and compassion maintained.

Whether we realize it or not, when moving into reading, we also move into a higher level of consciousness.

It then becomes our responsibility to assist the client to a higher state of consciousness. When we are successful at this task, the client sees their situation from a broader perspective — becoming empowered!

Empowering others is what our work is all about.

Who Calls a Psychic Line?

Who are our clients? They come from all walks of life, education, and income levels. They are your next-door neighbor, your co-worker, a family member, or even your boss! They come from different political views and diverse religious backgrounds. They are men as well as women. They are old, young, and in the vast middle ages. They have unique issues, but common needs: The desire to speak with someone from a spiritual perspective; someone who does not judge. They want answers. They need guidance.

Why Call a Psychic or Astrologer?

We are here for a purpose. Clients have the need for hope and clarity in their lives. Often, they need confirmation of what they already know. But they do not trust themselves. (We are taught to distrust everyone, everything and often even to distrust ourselves.) Our clients see mainly their immediate needs when they use our services. We are there to give assistance. But there is a more powerful reason for the psychic lines and our work — to connect and empower!


Ability and professionalism, while necessary ingredients to our work, are not the only prerequisites. The ability to give your word and keep it; the discipline to walk your talk, is vital. This is the essence of commitment. And this is what determines your success on the Line.

Often, we hear potential Advisors grill us about the integrity of the Company. There have been some horror stories in the past concerning disreputable practices on many Psychic Lines.

The integrity of the Advisor is paramount. What does it matter if the Company has integrity, and the Advisor does not?

We are a partnership. ESP and our Advisors, together, make up the finest combination in the industry. This is our success.

Sight Unseen

When applying for a position with a psychic phone line, it is important to remember a couple of things. First, everything you put on the application, including spelling, punctuation, grammar, and content is all part of the selection process. In other words, you are creating an impression from your first ‘hello.’ It is also important to be available at the time specified and agreed upon.

The interview is about who you are, how you do your readings, your experience both on and off of psychic phone lines. The interviewer will be assessing your manner and voice – remember, your voice tells a great deal about you. Do you speak the English language well? How is your grammar? Are you polite? Are you too polite? In other words, are you trying too hard to get the job? The best advice for the interview is to be warm, open, and answer questions honestly.

The sample readings (there maybe 2 or 3 sample readings) must be professional, personable, and empowering. It is common to be nervous at the beginning of the reading. But you must release that, get involved in the reading, and open it up for questions from the interviewer.