Start Your Career In Psychic Tarot Reading

We at ESP came into the Psychic Tarot reading business at the beginning. We have stayed and grown, always putting integrity and professionalism first. We are professional astrologers, intuitives, entrepreneurs, and business people. We have seen the changes in this business over the years. It has improved for all involved: the psychic advisor, the client, and the company.

One of the most important tasks we have at ESP is the screening and selection process. We have many applicants. Once a Psychic Tarot or numerology applicant is selected, we work together to orient you to work from home as a psychic line advisor. We are always available to provide coaching for your success on the line. We pay weekly, on time, offering excellent compensation! Contact us directly with your experience as a psychic to apply.

Preference may be given to advisors with previous psychic phone line experience. Please contact us with your questions:

*We will be hiring after the first of the year. Please send inquiries after 1/1/23. Have a blessed holiday season.