Work from Home

Whatever gifts, talents, and skills that you have, you will grow and blossom. Reading and advising over the telephone does not give visual cues. Rather, our hearing becomes incredibly sensitive, and we develop the gift of clairaudience.

You will work with people from all walks of life — from Ph.D. to blue-collar. The gift of empathy develops as you work.

You will become keenly aware of how valuable your talents are to others. Many people have no one in their lives that will be honest and helpful at the same time.

Karma: What you put into this work shall return to you ten-fold.

Blessings: There is nothing that can take the place of using your God-given gifts and being paid for it! You have the freedom to work when you wish and can set your own schedule.

Enjoy the support of a spiritually aware company. Your success is our goal.

Please Note: Priority may be given to those with previous telephone psychic line experience.

Remember, talent alone does not make a great psychic advisor. Discipline and responsibility are imperative. The psychic who dwells in the illusion has no place on the line.